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Name Size Description  
Base freqs (Power Point file) 28K Power point slide displaying the allocation of broadcast frequencies
Correcting an autonomous survey using OPUS (sample data & procedures) 9.16Mb Example data files (including RTK&Infill data sets). All required files are in the "Checkin Directory" of the sample Project (including procedure document)
Correcting 4800 data files for submittal to OPUS 48K Fixes common 4800 file format errors
Dual Base Procedure Sheet w/Pac Crest Radios 28K Procedures for running dual RTK bases with Pac Crest radios
Dual Base Procedure Sheet w/Trimble Radios 28K Procedures for running dual RTK bases with Trimble radios
Geopak to Trimble 749K Procedures for import alignments from GeoPak to Trimble Geomatics Office
HTDP - Step by step example 46K Step by step use of HTDP (Horizontal Time Dependent Positioning)
NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) 1.8Mb Implementation of the World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS 84) Reference Frame G1150 - the reference frame for the Air Force Geobase GIS
Road XML to TGO (Survey Controller Ver. 11.3+) 28K Instructions for importing Road Alignments to TGO
RTK Class Power Point Slides 5.1M System Dividends Power Point slide show for RTK training
Running TGO under Windows Vista/Windows 7 42K Instructions for loading TGO on the Windows Vista operating system
Sample Data Guide 28K instructions for running the Trimble data set imbedded in Trimble Geomatic Office
Static Observation sheet 1 24K log sheets for static GPS

Static Observation sheet 2 53K overall planning list for static GPS observations
TGO Proc/adj/calib qk guide 54K System Dividends abreviated quick guide for Static processing/adjustments and calibration
TGO Template for NAD83 Undefined coordinate systems 400K NAD83 Undefined (Coordinate System) Template for Trimble Geomatics Office
Understanding Survey Controller Derivation Codes 45K Procedures for listing Derivation Codes and their meaning in the DC File Editor
Using CORS stations w/Trimble TGO 45K Procedures for using CORS stations for control in Trimble Geomatics Office
VRS setup for TSC2 Survey Controller 45K Basic VRS setup for VRS RTK
WAAS Survey Style 22K Procedures for using the WAAS satellites with the Trimble RTK equipment