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Name Size Description  
ActiveSyncKeys 156K Utility for suppressing the "Partnership" screen when using ActiveSync to download/upload to the Survey Controller
DLL INSTALLATION (for below) 28K Instructions for installing DLL options (Opus/Scout import utilities and Flat Attribute export format) in Trimble Geomatic Office
Flat Attribute Export 350K DLL utility for exporting ascii files from Trimble Geomatic Office including all attributes
Google Earth State Plane and UTM Zones 350K KML files to display State Plane and UTM zone on Google Earth
NGS Absolute antenna model files 1Mb Files necesary for using the NGS Absolute antenna model in TBC w/instructions
OPUS Import Utility for TGO 435K DLL for importing the OPUS results directly into Trimble Geomatics Office
Scout worldwide import utility for TGO 213K DLL and installation instructions for using the worldwide SOPAC Scout program in Trimble Geomatics Office

Trimble Ascii File Generator


2.4Mb Trimble utility for creating custom ascii files and reports for the Survey Controller

TGO points (including NGS positions w/data sheets) to Google Earth, Microsoft Streets & Trips, Garmin, and Delorme


47K Instructions to edit the TGO ASCII export options to include all TGO points and NGS positions w/data sheets to Google Earth, Microsoft Streets & Trips, Garmin, and Delorme (includes a modified ASCIIEXP.DAT file)
Using USA Photomaps with TGO 39K Using the USA Photomaps shareware program with Trimble Geomatics Office
conv770.exe 604K Utility for correcting RAW data files stored in the TSC1 data collector